Our Company

Welcome to Erscon Canada Inc. your total erosion control, sediment control and landscaping solution professionals; from purpose built equipment, installation crews and consulting we can help you with your next project. Erscon promotes environmentally friendly, sustainable, pneumatically applied erosion control, sediment control and landscaping solutions; utilizing recycled organics (compost & wood mulch) as part of our products, principles and services. Also, unique and our latest purpose built unit is our FINN, Titan 400, all terrain Hydroseeder, mounted on a CASE 340 carrier (Articulating 40 ton Rock Truck), which gives us capabilities we never had before.

Erscon Canada Inc. believes in quality, service and a team approach, in the implementation of the products and services we deliver. At Erscon we understand that every situation and site has its challenges, which is the reasoning behind the solutions based approach. With the professionals on staff and their extensive experience and skills, you can feel confident in your decision when dealing with Erscon. We also have the experience and ability to assist with on site consulting if requested.

Having worked throughout the province of Alberta Erscon has the experience and due to the nature of the work, Erscon frequently works within close proximity or adjacent to sensitive and significant natural areas. Some of these areas are the Peace River Valley, the North Saskatchewan River Valley, Waterton Lakes National Park boundary, Oil and Gas Facilities within the Green Zone (Forest Zone) and storm ponds in Edmonton, Edson and Sherwood Park. Erscon is no stranger to working within or adjacent to sensitive natural areas which in some cases require continual Environmental Monitoring due to the sensitive nature of the site.

The following information is a brief outline of Erscon’s equipment, products and services:

Express Blower – EB-70

Erscon’s Express Blower™ unit has the ability to spread a wide variety of materials utilizing a combination of blower pressure (psi) and air volume (cfm). The Express Blower™ system allows Erscon to spread compost, mulches, soil blends, aggregates and wood chips in a small amount of time which will reduce your labour intensive, low profit jobs thereby, streamlining your operations. These materials are applied pneumatically which means the products are put in place dry.

FINN Hydroseeders – TITAN 400 & T-330

Erscon Canada Inc. can provide additional products and services with our FINN, TITAN 400 Hydroseeder (Hydrosaurus) or our T-330 Hydroseeder. Both units have the power to mix and apply a wide variety of liquid, powdered and solid consumables for landscape, soil building, erosion control, cleaning and industrial uses. Some of the common uses for the TITAN 400 and T-330 are: hydroseeding, fiber mulching, fertilizing, straw tacking, dust control, remote watering, etc.

Installation & Maintenance

Erscon has the professionals available to install and maintain any erosion and sediment control product available in today’s busy market place. Products supplied, installed and maintained include, but are not limited to: Rexius EcoBlanket™, Rexius EcoBerm™, Filtrexx™ FilterSoxx™ systems, Gabion Baskets and Mattress Systems, Rolled Erosion Control Products (R.E.C.P.), Turf Reinforcement Mats (T.R.M.), Wattles, Silt Fence, Bio-Engineering, Terra-seeding™, etc.