Filtrexx™ Channel Soxx™

Filtrexx™ Channel Soxx™ are a cost effective replacement for expensive Rip Rap along roadsides and highways. This unique combination of Filtrexx™ FilterSoxx™ can either be used to line an existing channel or can be used to develop a new channel where none existed before. Not only is runoff controlled from damaging other areas, Filtrexx™ Channel Soxx™ also filter along its entirety so water that is sediment laden at the top, is cleaner at the bottom.

This application can also be used in conjunction with Filtrexx™ Ditch Chexx™ placed along the length of the channel to further break up the watershed and to filter even more sediment! Also, a Filtrexx™ Filter Ring™ is often placed at the outfall to trap any additional contaminants.

Filtrexx Channel Soxx™ can be seeded at time of application to provide a permanent, vegetated channel. This channel will continue to perform year after year; creating the best long term channel device on the market.


  • Can be made on the job site
  • Greater surface contact with the ground
  • Filters chemically, physically and biologically
  • Added security in high flow areas
  • Easy to vegetate and tie into existing slopes for improved maintenance in the future
  • Add seed to vegetate to help anchor FilterSoxx™ to the ground