Filtrexx™ EdgeSaver™

 One of the most common problems associated with waterway is the erosion of the banks. Over time, erosion reduces land mass and creates eyesores in otherwise attractive settings and seriously increases the risk of danger. The EdgeSaver™ System uses a customized material to stabilize banks and fill in behind and between the Filtersoxx™. As the seeds germinate and root, the knitting effect of roots, Filtersoxx™ and compost, create an extremely durable and sustainable system unlike any other BMP (Best Management Practice) currently available.


To restore stability and safety to embankments around ponds, lakes and streams, install the Filtrexx™ EdgeSaver™, this saves time and labor compared to other restoration methods.

For geese or duck problem areas, consider having heavier vegetation along the edges which can be left to grow longer, as deterrent to fowl exiting the pond.

EdgeSavers™ along ponds and waterways can be the last line of defence for filtration, before surface waters carrying heavy nutrient loads enter the water.


  • Re-establish eroded edges and banks
  • Roots grow out of Filtersoxx™ and into banks
  • Use any type of seed as customized choice for naturalization
  • Continuous Filtersoxx™ add stability without breaks - installations have no ends because of our unique 'sleeving' system
  • Live staking and plugging is easy & very successful
  • Fill with heavy organic-aggregate and blends for added ballast
  • Resists future erosion
  • Supports lush vegetation growth
  • Easy to install in tough to reach areas