Filtrexx™ Ditch Chexx™

Filtrexx™ Ditch Chexxtm replace hay or straw bales, rock check dams or other perpendicular devices used to slow down water traveling in a channel. They allow for easy placement and maintain a large footprint of ground contact, which is so critical when it comes to eliminating undercutting. The high degree of intimate contact associated with the product ensure performance, especially in high flow areas.

Filtrexx™ Ditch Chexx™ come in 12", 18" & 24" diameter sizes that can be installed on site with a break to reach across any channel that needs erosion protection. They can be secured using the Filtrexx™ Fastener system that is provided in the installation tool kit. They can also be used in conjunction with Filtrexx™ Compost Blanket and Lockdown netting to provide the ultimate channel protection by creating a vegetative waterway that is resistant to erosion.

Ditch Chexx™ can be stacked and staked to achieve higher vertical limits for water flow control.


  • Can be made on or off job site
  • Greater surface contact with the ground
  • Drains through faster than silt fence
  • Easy disposal - low removal costs
  • Filters chemically, physically and biologically
  • Added security in high flow areas