Filtrexx™ Ditch Chexx™ with Flaps

Use Filtrexx™ Ditch Chexx™ to replace dams made with rock, stone, rip rap or other materials. Seed can be added to the Ditch Chexx™ creating vegetation barriers that improve performance of filtration and aesthetic appeal.

Use the Filtrexx™ flap system to help anchor the Ditch Chexx™ both upslope and downslope. The Flaps are simply staked on each side of the Ditch Chexx™ to assure good ground contact and prevent undercutting by water.


  • Can be made on or off job site
  • Greater surface contact with the ground
  • Drains through faster than rock dams
  • Easy disposal - low removal costs
  • Filters chemically, physically and biologically
  • Added security in high flow areas