Filtrexx™ Filter Ring™

Use Filtrexx™ Filter Rings™ as a solution that is guarenteed to save costs compared to hauling slurry. Filtrexx™ Filter Rings™ are specially made Filtersoxx™ filled with a material capable of predictable flow rates. You can customize this tool to any project size by varying the filler materials flow rate, the diameter of the FilterSoxx™ (12", 18" & 24"), and the diameter of the Filter Ring™ itself (i.e. 10 foot, 20 foot or larger diameter). Also you can add multiple Filter Rings™ to achieve very fine particle size filtration. Best of all, once the water or liquid flows away from the solids, they remain contained in the Filter Rings™ and are easy to dispose of.

Projects requiring emergency response, spills, or contaminated wters that have small percentages of fine particles are ideal candidates for using Filtrexx™ Filter Rings™. If contamination is a concern, the remaining solids may require special disposal in sanitary or special waste landfills. Consult your local regulatory authority prior to discharging any filtered water or solids into nearby waterways. For normal specification projects, flow rates of as high as 4 gals/foot/minute, or higher, can be achieved.