Filtrexx FilterSoxx™

Using the Filtersoxx™ as a sediment control device provides for a 3-Dimensional matrix for water filtration. Unlike typical silt fence, which only provides for a 2-Dimensional barrier, water is allowed to pass through the Filtersoxx™, trapping sediment within the material. This internal containment of sediment allows the Filtersoxx™ to continue to function long after silt fence would have collapsed. For this reason, Filtersoxx™ require less maintenance than do other devices that merely block sediment.

Clean up and removal of the Filtersoxx™ is also far easier than sediment barriers. Their one of a kind structure and capabilities means they don't have to be trenched or buried under sub grade! because of this, they only need picked up after the job is completed. On top of that, the Filtersoxx™ can be seeded and left in place as a permanent application and can continue to benefit the natural surroundings year in and year out.


  • Easy to install & maintain - sediment stays outside and away from drains so it is easy to clean up
  • Emergency relief for large storm events
    - excess flows from large rain events simply go over top of socks and into drain - no domino effect!
  • Available in 100% biodegradable netting
  • Low removal/disposal costs
  • Greater surface contact with ground
    -three dimensional filtration from a matrix of particle sizes
    -three way filtration - physical, chemical and biological
  • superior replacement for existing BMP's