Filtrexx™ Silt Soxx™

Filtrexx™ Silt Soxx™ are mesh tubes filled with specially manufactured compost which are installed using a blower truck, auger system - or other device. Filtrexx™ Silt Soxx™ are a new type of BMP (Best Management Practice) that allows you to stay in compliance with regulations.

Filtrexx™ Silt Soxx™ drain faster than traditional silt fence, increasing total available work days per year. Remember the Silt Soxx™ can be used where berms cannot. For high impact areas with tough construction demands, consider using heavier 5 mil. or polyester materials. To remove the Silt Soxx™ simply cut and remove the Silt Soxx™ leaving compost on-site.



  • Superior filtration of solids
  • Easy to maintain & remove
  • Filters chemically, physically and biologically
  • Natural and available in 100% biodegradable materials
  • Improves soils on-site after project is finished
  • Greater surface contact with the ground
  • Easy application in hard to reach areas
  • Added security in high flow areas
  • Maintains natural movement of wildlife